Melbourne Fringe Festival

During the months of September – October, Melbourne comes alive with a brilliant festival dedicated to the celebration of cultural democracy and art for everyone.

Known for it’s incredibly diverse program (there are 400+ shows to choose from), Melbourne Fringe attracts an audience in excess of 350,000 annually – that’s a lot of tickets sales and traffic for an event which lasts 2.5 weeks.

Wolf’s partnership with Melbourne Fringe is into its fifth year. We’ve created a site which continues to grow with the festival. Let’s just say ticket sales have never been better.


The ticketing system on the new website had to be flawless and speak directly with systems already in place. The site was designed to be re-skinned and populated with new content annually.

The website features extensive search capabilities with the ability to search by a variety of categories, seamless user experience when purchasing a ticket (integration of VIA / Red61 ticketing through their API), easy to use content management system and W3C compliance design.

What we did:

UX design
Website design
Game design