AgriFutures Australia is an organisation that proudly focuses on the future of Australian agriculture. Their vision is to grow the long-term prosperity of Australian rural industries. Wolf were engaged to bring to life a new chapter in the Agrifutures story and create a contemporary digital presence with sophisticated functionality.

As with all of our website designs, we spent a considerable amount of time developing the digital strategy before starting any visuals. The website is incredibly resource heavy, so it was really important that the UX of the site was thoroughly planned and considered.


We designed and coded the site with enhanced speed at the forefront and lazy loading of search results to reduce workload of the internet connection on devices such as mobile and tablet. The result is a large scale website which intuitively leads the user to content they are there to seek – as quickly as possible.

The website allowed for a direct import tools of custom RSS feeds and services that create custom post types in the WordPress database installation. These post types are displayed as Publications on the website, allowing the client to only have to update one feed in one place and for the changes to spread automatically to the front facing website.

We also included a faceted search, ecommerce integration for the purchasing of research documentation all within the website, including the handling of credit card details when sent to a payment gateway.

What we did:

UX design
Website design